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Almost whole this year I was very busy in one hard project.

But I will be back with new art dolls and new interesting ideas in new 2017 year!




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Art recognition :))))
It is said art recognition begins when somebody tries to copy your work. It seems I have got a recognition in needle felting :))) (I'm just kidding, of course) One good person from etsy community messaged to me somebody tried to copy and sell my yellow snail :) I'm glad :) It is a pity the copy is not very high-quality made. She needs to improve her art. Good luck my copyist. You have a long way in felting and you will be successful.
And thank you my dear defender for your care and help!

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Happy Holidays! Dear friends,

Happy Holidays!

My best wishes for everyone! 

Love, peace and health!



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Lady Gnome with Wild Boar Do you remember one well-known picture "Lady with an Ermine" by Leonardo da Vinci?
I do. B
esides that I remember some more pictures with ladies and different animals: dogs, cats, horses and and so on. 

But I have never seen lady with boar :). Probably because ladies think that boars are not good company for them in portrait :).
But this noble lady gnome doesn't think so.

Lady Gnome with boar.

Lady Gnome with Wild BoarLady Gnome with Wild BoarMaterials: Lady Gnome -"Living Doll" clay, velvet, silk, cotton and lace fabrics, wire armature, beads
Wild Boar - chain, wool, "Premier" clay, glass eyes
Dimensions: Lady Gnome - 22 cm (8.6"), Wild Boar - 19 cm (7.4")

("Small people or Treasure of Gnomes" project)
Lady Gnome with Wild BoarLady Gnome with Wild BoarMaterials: Lady Gnome -"Living Doll" clay, velvet, silk, cotton and lace fabrics, wire armature, beads
Wild Boar - chain, wool, "Premier" clay, glass eyes
Dimensions: Lady Gnome - 22 cm (8.6"), Wild Boar - 19 cm (7.4")

("Small people or Treasure of Gnomes" project)

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Road Gnome Have you ever travel at night? I don't mean travel by good car with cell phone, GPS, iSomething and tank full of petrol. No. :)  I mean traveling by horse or on foot with paper map or verbal way description and along the forest or field roads. If you haven't you can imagine. On the one hand there are many nice advantages - fresh air, the sky full of stars and no traffic, but on the other hand you have the risk to lose your way and to freeze or you can be eaten by wolfs if you travel in winter. So only one person can help you and give a refuge. His name is  Road Gnome. Every night he lights his old lamp and puts it on the high post near his house. And every person can see this light for many-many miles and come to Road Gnome to have a rest and to ask the right way. He will cook hot tea for you, offer to seat or to lie if you are tired and will take care about your horse. And after some time you can go on. But while you are relaxing you can hear a lot of interesting stories... :)

Together with Hurdy-gurdy musician

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Hurdy-gurdy musician or Autumn grandpa gnome Autumn is going slowly. Samhain has gone. There is a new one gnome - Autumn grandpa or Hurdy-gurdy musician as a reminiscence about the last. But this is not a sad man who walks from one place to another and plays dreary ballads. If you think he is sad you are confused :) He isn't. By hurdy-gurdy it's possible to play different kinds of music including cheerful dances and songs. And when he starts to play music together with Musician all autumn melancholy disappears. And when Jovial joins them and they play all three together your legs can't stay and start to dance. :) 

There are some photos of the process.

Simple weaving by reed for belt making and hurdy-gurdy model making (but without wheel :) model is not functioning).











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Indian summer Sometimes I need to step back from my dolls and make something warm for my soul and my body. Now it's very-very nice weather with sunny days. People call such days "Indian summer". I like this name and made scarf-mantelet with hood  in Indian style. Ornament was handmade in dry and wet felting technique on the wool one-colour fabric. 


    Scarf "Indian summer or People of the Great river and high mountains".






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My inspiration. Trip to Belarus Yesterday came back from our trip to Belarus where I had very nice time and took a great inspiration for the next work.
Share with you nature, nice views, folk, culture and crafts. See photos and have a nice time too :)


Snov palace was built in 1827 year.

Roman-Catholic church - "Heart of Jesus" in Slabodka (was built in1903-1906).

Old well

Batleika.  It's a kind of the portable puppet theater. It was very famous in Belarus in medieval times.

Braslav Lakes

Three sisters :)

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Ruby. Final photos Ruby

Materials: papier-mache, "Premier" clay, wire armature, llama fur, velvet, silk, golden braids, beads

Technique: sculpting, oil painting

Dimensions: 60 cm (23.6")

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Dantesca photo session Some final photos of the ready x-chair:


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X-chair for Ruby doll (working process) Every time making doll I think how it's possible to stand it. The best way to support Ruby doll is a using nice chair for her. The chair idea I took from the Dante chair or Dantesca. 

For creation x-chair I chose basswood because it's a very soft wood and easy for carving. 

Ruby is waiting for her new chair :)

Ready for sitting :)



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Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! Dear friends! 

I wish You all Merry Christmas and a New Year filled with Peace,

Joy, Health and Happiness!

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Ruby Long time I had an idea of the new doll. I planned to make it like a medieval lady about 13-14 centuries.  I spend  some time for researching history of the woman's costume this time and for searching all stuff I needed for doll making. In the process of finding necessary fabrics I discovered some pretty  fabric stores in NYC and was very happy when I found suitable piece of beautiful velvet and ribbons. For these purposes the "M&J trimming" store is excellent although it is not cheap. Then I thought about silk I needed and decided to order it on amazon. 

What about doll implementation technique I choose a papier-mâché and wire armature for hands and legs. Oven baking clay is very nice for doll making but papier-mâché is very old and trusted technique.  Parts that were made from Papier-mâché are strong enough, good looking and good combine with air dry clay.

Started to make doll from the scheme as usually. Hands, legs and body on the wire armature:

As I remember from my historical searching ladies 
wore dresses by bliaut or bliaud model: long skirt, slinky bodice and long sleeves.

So I decided to make dress that is very close to the historical original. It is not a historical reconstruction, but you can find some likeness :).
For the dress decoration I choose golden threads and pearl-like beads. Floral ornament.

So, my work will be finished very soon. Now I need to make a belt for dress, but this is a little bit later ;)


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Art doll creation process... Sometimes I like to create art dolls from favorite cartoons or movies. I  choose character I liked and start work from image. For this doll I chose very interesting and fun character - witch. She is not old type witch in black hat and cloak. She is modern enough, make up her face, has a cat and bone hairpins :)

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Galaxy annual art exhibition - 01.27.2013 Some fun photos from annual exhibition I took part

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2013 craft fair

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